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Pangea Health

The first software driven
sales platform for healthcare.

What We Do

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We've built a health-tech marketplace that connects providers with the best solutions and tools by offering innovative brands a presence at the point of care

Why We're Doing It

Healthcare is innovating faster than it can connect with the correct audience.

Our founder is changing that. 

"I am totally floored by the businesses that have proliferated in digital health. They are wide ranging. Innovative. Necessary. But in order for these tools to be widely adopted, physicians need to know they exist and patients need to learn about them at the point of care."

The Leadership Team 

Lenny Roth
Founder & CEO
Lenny has spent his entire career in healthcare sales and marketing building the expertise it takes to launch, grow, and succeed in the fastest-growing sector of the U.S. financial system.

Brian Wigg
Head of Operations

Brian's reputation is one of operations excellence spanning industries from manufacturing to software, where he's owned strategy and implementation from the ground up.

Hannah Kraebel
Growth Marketing
Hannah specializes in GTM strategy for Healthcare SaaS, making her the ideal fit to grow our user and partner acquisition efforts with her "get it done" attitude that drives rapid iteration.


Pangea Health

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