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General Questions

What are the benefits of being a Pangea Health rep?

There are so many benefits to being a Pangea Health Rep (we will only list some of them, so we don’t overwhelm you)! 

  • Flexibility. As a rep for Pangea Health you are your own boss, you set your schedule, decide which products to promote, and choose which provider offices to go to. 
  • 100% Commission Based. You get paid for how hard and smart you work - an uncapped upside. 
  • Our Partners. As a rep for Pangea you will have the opportunity to promote products for some of the most cutting edge companies in the health tech space. 

How do commissions work?

  • Payout details will vary by partner, but you’ll have the opportunity to earn payouts per partner promotion for all brands. 
  • In order to earn a commission payout,  you'll need to collect the provider's contact details in the app. Once the provider info is submitted, an email is triggered from the partner that encourages them to attend a virtual follow-up meeting via Zoom with the partner brand's team. We'll also follow up with the provider over the phone to help schedule. Once the provider connects with the partner, you'll earn a commission!

When can I start? 

  • Our app is live! Once you sign up we will be in touch frequently (we won't spam, promise) keeping you up to date on launch markets, new partners to promote, and more! You can start immediately selling after passing a background check, completing partner brand training, and receiving marketing materials.

Are Pangea Health sales reps employees or contractors?

  • All sales reps on Pangea Health are contractors.

Where is Pangea Health currently offering jobs? Is the position remote?

  • We are currently accepting sign ups nationwide and we'll keep you informed on new market launches. Being a rep for Pangea does require you to go in-person to healthcare provider offices. The great thing about being a rep is that you have total flexibility about when you would like to make these visits and how often. Payouts will only be triggered with a confirmed in-person visit. 

What do I need to sign up?

To work with Pangea Health, you will need to:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Have a smartphone with the Pangea Health app installed
  • Experience in sales or a willingness to learn!

What does the application process look like? 

  • Getting started is a simple process: download the Pangea Health App, create an account, and pass a background check. From there, you can take partner specific training and start making office visits. Look out for information sessions to learn more!
  • Pangea Health App - IOS
  • Pangea Health App - Android

How do I dispute the information in my background check?

  • If you received a background check report that you believe contains inaccurate or incomplete information, please contact Checkr, Pangea Health's third-party background check provider, by replying to the email you received or visiting the Checkr Candidate Portal. Pangea Health is not able to amend your report.
  • Please note that Checkr does not determine the standards used to evaluate eligibility to partner with Pangea Health and is not involved in the partnership decision. Pangea Health makes a decision based on the report (or amended report) that Checkr provides.
  • Checkr can only assist with a dispute if the information in your background check report is inaccurate or incomplete.

What training or materials are required before I can go on an office visit?

  • Through our app, you’ll learn about the partners and products available in your region and will be required to pass a quiz in order to qualify to sell for each partner. Then through the app, you’ll order marketing collateral to be delivered to your door which you’ll drop off at the offices of the healthcare providers shown in-app. 

Am I able to promote products/services in more than one area?

  • Yes, you’ll be eligible to make office visits wherever we are live! Just add the state in the app to see which partners are available. 

How does your proprietary software work?

  • Pangea Health independent sales reps will get access to thousands of proprietary leads to identify promotion opportunities and work more efficiently. You’ll be able to view the provider offices on a map and track your visits in the app. You'll also be able to order marketing collateral, get qualified to promote new partners and products, and trigger your daily payouts with Pangea Pay.

Am I only able to go to the healthcare provider offices on the list? Can I suggest offices which aren't listed?

  • You’ll have the opportunity to self prospect opportunities, although payouts may be delayed while they are verified. 

How will you ensure that other Pangea reps are not going to the locations that I am going to? 

  • We firmly believe that your time is best spent going to healthcare provider offices and promoting our partner’s products, not competing with other reps. For that reason, we have the 1 month rule. This rule states that once a rep selects a provider office on the app, that office is their office for a month (contingent on physically going to the office once within that month period). During that period, the office will not be visible in the Pangea Health app for other reps for that product. The office continues to be their office indefinitely, until there is a period of a month when that rep does not go to that office. One of the benefits of early adoption is that you have an amazing opportunity to take advantage of this rule and begin to build strong relationships with multiple healthcare providers. 
  • Additionally, you can visit the same office multiple times but no more than once per week. After completing a visit, that office will disappear from your map for one week and will reappear on your map (and only yours) one week later.

How do you track that I dropped off marketing materials at a healthcare provider office?

Partner promotions will be verified two ways: 

  1. By geo-location in the Pangea Health app to ensure you were physically present in the office.
  2. When you add a lead into the app for a specific office, that office is linked to your name and the Pangea Health team will follow up with the office via email and phone call to confirm the office’s interest in meeting with the partner brand.

What happens after I leave an office?

  • After you complete an office visit and if you enter lead information in the app, the Pangea team will follow up with the office via email and phone call. Our goal is to set up a Zoom meeting between the provider(s) and partner brand you promoted. Following the completion of this call, you will receive the additional commission payout. The more leads you generate, the more likely we are to successfully schedule follow up meetings.

How often can I withdraw funds from my Pangea Wallet? 

  • With Pangea Pay, you can trigger payouts daily!

If I have additional questions, who can I contact?

  • We are here to support you. Please reach out to 

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