Your Top-tier Sales Force Is Just a Click Away

See how fast you can scale using Pangea Health's network of thousands of top medical sales reps to access doctors' offices across the country.

Our Platform

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Instant access to vetted sales reps nationwide

Effortlessly manage your provider office sales with our proprietary platform

Pay for performance, not time

The nation's top sales network

Our nationwide network of healthcare sales reps are vetted and trained for your specific needs.

Dynamic management

Scale quickly by dynamically activating new reps with the click of a button. No more time-consuming recruiting, training and management.

Performance-based payment model

Eliminate risk and guarantee ROI with our pay-for-performance model that compensates reps for what really matters: their wins.

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We'll help you find reps that are perfect for your healthcare service or product so that you can get back to focusing on what matters.

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